“The PDG group has unique success and experience among its partners with a seasoned real estate executive, a person with strong management experience and a physician with boots on the ground to tie it all together. It is about patients and these patients in these rooms are somebody’s mother, grandmother and daughter. They have extended families as well so we are not only serving these patients, we are serving this large community which are related. They have come through with very beautiful facilities and strong subscriptions with patrons throughout the community, and the feedback has been very good.”
— Dr. Mark Bowles, Cardiologist

The rising tide of the senior population and their healthcare needs are growing by 10,000 persons/day who turn sixty-five (65) beginning in 2011 going to 2030. In addition to this more than ten (10) million Medicare beneficiaries, approximately 20% of older Americans are living with 5 (five) or more chronic conditions. There is a growing storm, and PDG’s goal is to be the partner of choice in each community where it partners with physicians, healthcare professionals and physician owned companies to treat these patients. The partnership opportunity includes the ability to invest in the operating entity and/or the real estate. On the operating entity side, investment units are sold up to 50% of the operating entity. The real estate opportunity offers investment through the use of bonds in different types and returns. To date, the returns on both the operating side and the real estate side have been very strong. There are no personal financials, tax returns or guarantees except for the lease. This model on a clinical level allows for physicians to control patient flow and continues contact with patients both during and after their treatment. This has proven quite successful with much lower readmission rates to hospitals as patients are rehabilitated not only in the transitional care unit but also continued to be observed after they leave the facility. This ensures a systematic approach to a quality of care for some of the patients at greatest risk in our healthcare system.