Partner Testimonials

“My most successful investments are those where I have some knowledge of that investment. I felt that PDG wanted to do the right thing for the patients, and they have really done it well. They are trustworthy, and we have seen a very good return on our investment”….Dr. Dennis Ross, Nephrologist

“My overall impression has been outstanding. It’s exciting to see how PDG has ventured out. I like everything about the concept. They are very professional and give me great detailed information.” …Dr. Diana Crook, Family Medicine

“The PDG group has unique success and experience among its partners with a seasoned real estate executive, a person with strong management experience and a physician with boots on the ground to tie it all together. It is about patients and these patients in these rooms are somebody’s mother, grandmother and daughter. They have extended families as well so we are not only serving these patients, we are serving this large community which are related. They have come through with very beautiful facilities and strong subscriptions with patrons throughout the community, and the feedback has been very good.” …Dr. Mark Bowles, Cardiologist